Meet Dr. Sepi

A Passion for Healthy, Genuine Smiles

As a dentist, my goal has always been to build a long-term relationship between my office and our patients. Dentistry has allowed me, as a healthcare provider and partner, to grow with my patients through the years, and share their fears, joys, and successes. We are fortunate to have a diverse patient base with unique personalities. I enjoy them all.

Our office is small by design. We want to create a comfortable and personal experience for each patient. I want patients to feel like they are coming home every time they walk through our door, as they’re greeted with warm smiles.

I always have my patient’s best interests at heart. Dentistry is my way of contributing to my community; I take my professional responsibilities seriously. I have a calm and gentle approach, which I have been told, by many patients, is why they travel to see me.

My ultimate joy is when a patent’s smile and life has been transformed through our work, together. The smile at the end of any treatment, be it a cleaning, filling, or full-mouth rehabilitation, means the world to me.

Our office is a proud  supporter of the Mona Foundation. This is an organization that supports grass roots initiatives in  education of children in underserved areas of the world. Through our partnership thousands of children have found their way to schools and colleges through access and  scholarships. Mona Foundation also supports the  empowerment of girls and women through these efforts.

Education and Continuing Education

My Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) was awarded by the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. I graduated in 1991 and went into a full-time practice, while also teaching as an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan. From 1995 to 1998 I was an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, again while in a full-time practice. Since 1998 I have been the sole owner and dentist at Isles Dental.

I’m passionate about continuing education and take as many hours as I can, in all disciplines of dentistry. I study through the University of Minnesota and travel throughout the country to learn from the leaders and innovators in my profession. A lot of my courses have focused on Sleep Disorders / Sleep Apnea and Mandibular Advancement Appliances.

I stay current with new technologies and procedures, as well as techniques and research. I strive to provide my patients with the most up-to-date dental options and care experience.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

I grew up in the Ypsilanti / Ann Arbor area of Michigan. Now I’m in southwest Minneapolis, where I’ve lived since 1995. I am married and have a son and daughter who graduated from Southwest High School in our community. They are both in college at the University of Minnesota and still enjoy soccer and theater. We also have a small dog, Ritz, who brings much joy and laughter to our family.

When not in the office, you’ll find me being a soccer mom, cheering on my kids and their teammates. I also follow and support the local theater groups my son is involved with. I love to cook and have family around me.

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